Consultation • Coaching • Assistance

Our qualified employees have up to 25 years in teaching and educating within the medical sector. We have taken and in return taught the required courses for personnel, that is tasked with the reprocessing of medical goods. You will be supported by our motivated and experienced team members with the main objective to build bridges between the theoretical know how and the practical application.
The following headlines constitute a small overview of our services. We are happy to discuss and elaborate on any topic and provide solutions taylored to Your needs.


Our Refresher Courses are built to get You and Your unit up to date. Our wide range of topics includes:
Quality Management, MDR, ISO standards, sanitary reprocessing, process validation, recommendations by state legislators and local federations, as well as professional associations.

Interface Management

The interface management deals with all the different players involved in the daily processes:
Internal interfaces: Operation room, hospital wards, medical engineers, technical support, department of hygiene, management and administration, and other functional areas
External interfaces: State authorities, manufacturers, suppliers, service technicians, customers…


Motivation is key for common success; our module aims at increasing the motivation on all hierachical levels. Transparent and motivational methods enhance the overall atmosphere and will create further postive effects, e.g. lower fluctuation.

Mehtods and philosophy range from organization charts, responsibilities, job and functional descriptions, work and process instructions, checklists, communicational coaching (group and single coaching), team meetings, distribution of skills…

Management Support

With many years of management responsibility and countless confrontations with the different challenges we encounter in the CSSD and endoscopic units. We decided to offer our support module on the management level, to consult and advise on everyday things, but also in extraordinary events like reconstruction or new construction of units.
To identify and solve problems at their core to guarantee a safe and smooth process within the unit, paired with the effective collaboration with the other players, is the main objective of this module.

Process Validation

Process validation is one of our most important safeguards to ensure a trouble-free and safe process. We advise and consult you on your way from the important preliminary talks to the interpretation and implementation of all the aspects of the validation report. Of course we also offer to perfrom the PQ (Performance Qualification) ourselves for all the relevant procedures: Cleaning and disinfection processes, sealing processes, packaging and sterilization processes.