Thank You for Your interest in our company. The following 5 headlines summarize our corporate philosophy on a short one pager. We always strive to improve our operations and ourselves; that is a never ending process, therefore we appreciate any feedback or suggestion by You.
RAGOPLAN Network GmbH is focused on qualitative support of the operators entrusted with the reprocessing of medical goods in CSSD units, endoscopic departments, medical care centers and medical practices. The distribution of high-class medical goods is part of our appeal, as well as our tailored services like training concepts, analysis, and supportive modules.
First steps: After founding and establishing the RAGOPLAN Network ltd. Ekhard Ragotzki moved the management authority to Anne Ragotzki. Since then Ekhard Ragotzki holds the responsibility of the marketing and sales department.
We strive to generate coorperative and fair partnerships by leading our company exemplary and by supplying exceptional products without exception. Part of that promise is to safeguard scheduled dates and to work our individual, flexible and quick but lasting solutions for our clients. Furthermore we constantly school, train and educate all our employees to ensure our skilled and proficient technical consultation.
Active listening, comprehension, and long-lasting customer-oriented solution are at the core of our company’s stratetic direction. We supply and support CSSD units and all departments tasked with the reprocessing of medical goods ind Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries in Europe.
We only obtain and distribute products compliant to the highest standards. We focus on great products by dependable manufactureres at home and abroad and set the highest standrds for our own products as well. Thus we stand out with consistent high quality and reliable delivery times.
A diverse team of long-standing employees, with manifold medical backgrounds (registired nurses, dental assistents, veterinarians…), or a technical education. All employees have a medical background and/or have experience and certified degrees in the field of reprocessing of medical goods. Our customer service employees have extensive experience in the areas of reprocessing and the endoscopic department.
We proudly train our young employees in acknowledged professions. Through our certified training programs we guarentee contemporary standards and consistent know-how, while simultaneously serving our public responsibility.